Get Your Business Ready to Advertise in the Super Bowl

So your business didn't run a commercial in the Super Bowl this year?

Why not?

Don't let the $5 million dollar-per-thirty-second price tag keep you from dreaming.

Even if you never intend on advertising on Super Sunday, you should have your message prepared as though you do.

Here's why:

Every day is another opportunity to put your message in front of your target audience. Each one of those opportunities should be treated like it was the Super Bowl.

Something about the game puts additional pressure on companies - and their agencies - to deliver the perfect ad. As though the broadcast is more important than all the other broadcasts they advertise in.

Obviously, the audience is the biggest of the year (for television) and the scrutiny is intense, but no matter the size of your business, remember this:

Advertising opportunities exist year-round and every commercial needs to deliver your message to your target audience as though it is the one and only chance to reach them.

Consistent messaging, branding and advertising is capable of reaching millions of people over the course of a year, instead of in one thirty second ad.

So, think about what you would want to say. Think about how you would want your ad to look. Who are you trying to reach? What would your strategy be? How would you tie that message, look and strategy together with other advertising elements like in-store branding, social media and your website?

You should have the answers to some of those questions. You should have someone you trust working on the questions you cannot answer.

If I were you, I would wonder how much would all of that cost. I would want to reach the right audience for the least amount of money. I would want to know how to measure the results of my efforts and what the ROI would be.

Huge companies with the resources to advertise in the Super Bowl ask those very same questions - and demand very specific answers.

Just like you should.

Let's put together your Super Bowl advertising campaign. Let's cover those questions and get you the answers you need.

It's not about getting your business ready to advertise in the Super Bowl. It's about getting your message prepared as though you are.


Brian Prawitz spent more than 20 years in radio, marketing small businesses throughout the northwest and working closely with the Oregon Ducks and Seattle Mariners. Now, he owns and operates BP Media Solutions, which manages marketing budgets and campaigns for businesses and non-profit organizations large and small. Find BP Media on Facebook and follow Brian on Twitter @BPraw88.