I Rode in a Time Machine Saturday Night

Betty Lou, the 1958 Chevy Bel Air that took me back in time

Just when I thought I was going to miss out on taking a ride around Roseburg in a Graffiti car, my good friend Russ and his beautiful family pulled up in a '58 Chevy Bel Air.

I had spent the early evening enjoying a patio party and had just started watching the cars roll by when it dawned on me that I was about to lose out on one of the annual traditions in Roseburg. Cruising in a classic car on Graffiti Weekend.

The perfectly timed arrival of the Wilsons gave me the chance to see downtown Roseburg from the best seat in the house. The back seat of a classic car.

The view from the back seat

Something about the slick, wide bench seats, the shiny oversized steering wheel, and the smooth sound of the idling engine makes you want to ride around the loop forever.

Graffiti 2015 seemed to have a wider variety of cars and trucks. I couldn't say if there were more people or fewer. I don't know if the gathering was safer or more rowdy than most. It was a cooler night than many I remember and people seemed to be in a great mood. It was as Graffiti should be. Relaxed. Easy going. Fun.

As I cruised with the Wilsons, I saw smiling faces from people sitting on the edge of the sidewalk. Heard the high pitched squeals of children riding in the bed of grandpa's truck. I caught the loud burst of music and lights as we rolled past the live band and the smell of fry bread and barbeque in the air.

Kids in Grandpa's truck

Cruising in a classic car like Betty Lou gives you that feeling like the last day of school, your first kiss or leaving home. Something about it makes me so sentimental. It's like magic. Or love.

As my ride came to an end, I thanked Russ, Jemelene and Allison for their generosity and watched as their gorgeous time machine floated away. It merged back into the stream of shiny, loud, beautiful cars. The night wasn't even over and I found myself looking forward to next summer when Graffiti cycles back around and the cars return, to tease us with the promise of another sip of magic.