"Hi, I'm Brian. I just completed my third week as a business owner."

BP Media Screamin'

Yes, approximately three weeks has gone by since BP Media Solutions, LLC also became The Prawitz Family Personal Long-Term Financial Solution.

So far, here are my takeaways:

It really is like a roller coaster - The picture at the top of this post is from California Screamin', a very large, very fast roller coaster at Disneyland California Adventure. Even though I appear to be calm in this picture, I was actually losing my mind. (I am awesome at poker, I'll have you know.)

I am using this dignified shot because the most accurate thing anyone has told me as I have gotten off the ground with this is: "The highs are higher and the lows are lower than anything you have ever done. But you'll never regret the decision." That came from Tim Allen at Roseburg Rentals. Once again Tim, your insights have proven to be true.

You have to have faith - I have always asked the guests on Be Positive Podcast about faith and the role it plays in being a business owner.

I thought I knew what I was asking about.

You know, you have to have faith that it's going to be okay...faith that your idea will work...faith in your employees that sort of thing.

No. I had no clue.

When it comes to having faith, it's about believing in something bigger than you, your business and the economy. You have to believe in your bones that things are going to work out. You have to hang on to the long term vision you had at the beginning.

Nothing is easy, nothing is simple, nothing NOTHING is cheap.

You have to work your butt off - In addition to having faith, it helps to be willing to grind. All the time.

I haven't kept track of my hours, but my family will tell you that I have been nose-first into this laptop nearly every waking hour. Unless I am carrying it to my next meeting.

I expected this to test every skill and resource I have developed over the years, but I didn't expect it to be such a workout every day. I might start selling the BP Media Solutions Workout DVD.

I now have a much better idea of what my time is worth - I love meeting my long-lost friends for coffee in the morning and catching up with them over mid-morning coffee and talking business over lunch and getting coffee in the early afternoon with a colleague. But I have to make sure of two things: I protect my most productive and creative hours of the day and I don't drink too much coffee.

A great conversation with a close friend can morph from one hour to two much faster than I realized.

Don't count your chickens - I can't tell you the number of times I have written down a list with numbers next to them as I tried to predict how much money I am going to bring in this month.

Yesterday I found a list I thought I had thrown away. It's hilarious.

The prospects I was prospecting didn't quite pan out. The people who have come through for me weren't even on that list.

I guess you gotta get back to that faith piece.

Winning isn't always about the money - I have had hundreds of wins in the early days of BP Media. I have hit grand slams with people and left meetings floating on air. Without a check.

I have laid the foundation for business relationships that will eventually pay the bills, but these things take time.

I guess you gotta get back to that faith piece.

People are awesome! - Every time I turn around I am running headlong into another person who is willing to help me.

A critique of my proposals, advice on business management, loaning me an office for a meeting. Amazing advice from smart people, usually at an unexpected moment.

Then, the comments I am getting from these blogs, the Be Positive Podcast and on Facebook and Twitter. Wow!

I am amazed at the talented people I know and humbled that they are willing to reach out to me this way.

I guess this proves some of that faith piece.