Persistence. Period.

Never Quit

I wouldn't be able to claim this as gospel truth, but if I were to make up a quote about business and the amount of persistence it takes to succeed, it would go something like this:

"There is no better test of a person's faith, ambition and skill than to become a business owner."

I am thinking of a client of mine as I write this post. I have to be careful because I don't want to reveal too much about them. This is meant to be a very high compliment and I want to keep it that way.

It could be the story of many businesses out there, since most companies don't open their doors to a stampede the first day.

After launching their business, the owners struggled to attract clients. That struggle made them doubt every aspect of what they had built, from the demand in the market they were trying to reach to the way they were trying to reach it.

They put their family, their marriage and their home on the line. They exerted more effort to succeed than they ever expected they would need. They sweated and strained and the rewards came slowly.

Then, just when a few things started to break their way, bad luck hit. In weird ways no one could have ever predicted. Demoralizing bad luck. Stuff that would just make you want to give up.

Believe me, they thought about doing just that. I wouldn't have blamed them if they had.

Fold it up, count it a loss, get on with something else.

However (of course there was a 'but' here somewhere) these folks showed more about their collective character in the losses than any success could have revealed.

In each event, they went above and beyond to make every client happy. Extra mile? How about making a 200-mile-round-trip-bust-the-budget midnight run to fix the problem. To make sure they did everything humanly possible to make the client happy. Yup. They did that.

They have a dream and a goal and a desire to see it unfold. They want a better life for their kids and they are hell-bent to achieve it. They want to see their clients find the fun and passion they have for their past-time turned profession.

That's whats driving them. They want it. BADLY.

I admire them for that.

I sent them a text once, using the graphic I attached to this post. I am not claiming I kept them in the game by any means. I just wanted to encourage them.

I told them there might be a time when calling it quits is the right call to make, but this ain't that time.

With every defeat, a lesson is learned. With every swing and a miss, there is another pitch coming. When you fail, you are one step closer to succeeding. Every day is a new day. Every morning we start anew.

I tell you this story in the hopes that it will pick you up today. I am hopeful that it strikes a chord with someone who reads it. I am pretty sure I will need to read it to myself one of these days. When I do, I will imagine these owners and this company and remember the way they reacted when everything seemed to go against them.

They persisted. Period.

So can you.

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