BP Media Solutions Core Mission and Values

MY ENTREPRENUERIAL GURU Trevor Mauch insists that one of the most important steps to being successful in business is to write down your Core Mission and Values.

It's not enough, he says, to just think them up and hold them in your brain. He wants to see those values on the wall, on the company website, in your marketing and carried out in the day-to-day operation of your operation.

The first time I heard him say that, I put it on my mental to-do list.

The second time, I actually wrote some stuff on my dry-erase board and saved it in my phone for later use.

Last week, I took another step. Like Trevor, I am having our Core Mission and Values designed up and printed in a cool way for display in our office.

Now that we are taking steps to incorporate these principals, I thought I would share them with you. One more thing about these philosophies...they apply to me in business and life. You shouldn't act one way when you're on the clock and another way when you are on it.

Before you take exception to any of these points and want to question them, send me your list and we'll talk. I'm kind of exposing my soul a bit here...

BP Media Solutions Core Mission and Values

Make the choice to be positive - The short-lived Be Positive Podcast taught me that being consistently positive is a choice. I want to make that choice when given the option.

Celebrate the wins - Straight from Trevor's book of suggestions. When you have a win stop and celebrate it. Life is too short to miss opportunities to spike the ball and do a touchdown dance.

Help others achieve measurable, tangible success - The thing that gets me out of bed every day is the thought that I might get to celebrate a victory with a client. Spike the football and do a touchdown dance with them.

Integrity over profit - I have been tested on this one more than I expected I would. It has been a costly thing to have on my list. Ironically, it is also priceless. 

Seek growth - I think the saddest people are the ones who have stopped looking for ways to grow. I love learning new things. I always want to be getting better. I want to be around people with that same philosophy.

Do what you say you're going to do - So many people fail to follow through on the most basic things. In my experience, it is not necessary to exceed anyone's expectations. Just do what you said you are going to do. Oh, and do it well.

Be transparent, be accountable, be honest - I don't ever want tosugar-coat something and I don't ever want to say something I don't believe. I also want to be available to answer tough questions and own my mistakes.

Draw people to faith - I suppose this should be at the top, but it's like this...part of being human is being spiritual. Faith is important, even if yours doesn't match mine. I hope I honor God with the way I conduct my life and that others notice without me saying a word.