I didn't set out to be unique. It just sort of...happened.

I was telling a friend of mine about my business and when I told her that I meet with each client once a week, her jaw dropped open.

“You do what?”

I didn’t even realize that my weekly meetings were anything fancy, but she sure did.

As I get more experience working with various contractors, I can see why that level of accountability is unusual. And, once I thought about it more, I recall several clients of mine who have hired me because they have gotten to the end of their rope with whomever they are dealing with when it comes to media. They would rather pay me to handle all of that time-eating stuff.

Which is exactly why I started BP Media in the first place.

I didn’t set out to be unique. It just sort of happened.


The Top Five Things That Make BP Media Unique

1.       Service – Consistently excellent customer service. If you have ever had a contractor tell you, “I am just so busy” to explain why they didn’t get back to you in a timely manner...fire them. I got into business to be busy. I will only stay in business if I remain busy. My goal is to get even more business. I had better be prepared to handle it. Want to know a secret? “Excellent Service” in many cases is nothing more than doing what you said you were going to do. Precious few actually do.

2.       Accountability – Weekly face to face updates. I have standing meetings every week with every client. (Well, all except for my client in Hawaii. We talk on the phone every Monday.) In the first meeting, we prioritize the to do list. Each week after that, our meetings include progress reports on the projects that are underway, anything new that has come up, and a discussion about what’s next. My plan was always to have these meetings every week. What I have learned is this: apparently very few contractors – marketing or otherwise – subject themselves to that level of accountability.

3.       Variety – Whatever you need. Seriously. When I started, I expected to make BP Media work through social media posts and web content. Instead, I have slowly gathered a team of talented people around me who are experts in things like Google AdWords (PPC), SEO, Targeted Digital Marketing, Social Media, Web Design, Brochures and Email Marketing. We are capable of writing, producing and purchasing of Print, Outdoor, Radio and TV. We make Promotional Videos, Kickstarter Videos, Recruiting Videos, Campaign Videos, Short Form, Long Form, Any Form. Event Consulting, Emceeing, Auctioneering, Press Releases, Non-Profit Fundraising and Logos. I had a client ask me to help them decide between two finalists for a job opening. I have found employees for clients, set up show booths for clients and lots of other tasks that have more to do with trust than talent. You need it, BP Media can do it. Even stuff you didn’t know we can do.

4.       Digital – The great marketing mystery has been solved. I went through a bit of a crisis when I realized that no one around here – and I mean no one – knew how to run traffic in Google AdWords. I was willing to pay other people to do it for me and even paid a ton of money to get certified. Now, months later, I am pretty good at getting clicks to your website through Google keyword searches, but I have people who are really good at it. Here’s something I never thought I would say or type: There is no better way to reach beyond the boundaries of your immediate market than digital marketing. None.

5.       Results – What do you need your marketing to do? Obviously you want more business, but some business owners want more business from their existing clients. Others want more business from increased activity on social media. Some want to try Google or contests for the first time. Maybe you want a more creative ad campaign. Maybe you aren’t getting what you want from your sales rep or you need to streamline your budget but you aren’t sure what to do. We can help.

BONUS! Retainers – Some people don’t know how to get the most out of a contractor on retainer. Smart clients know to keep handing me projects – and with weekly meetings, that’s easy to do. By having BP Media on retainer, there is no limit to what we can accomplish together. Even if your business is in Hawaii.


Brian Prawitz spent 20 years in radio from small markets to big ones. Now, he operates BP Media Solutions. Follow Brian on Facebook and Twitter @BPraw88 or send him an email bp@gobpmedia.com.