This Sitch Just Got Real

Just another day at the Rancho de Prawitz.


Things change fast, my friends. One day you go to work thinking about collateral for June and the next day you find yourself searching the settings on your company phone for the 'Factory Reset' button.

It's all good, though.

Now, instead of splitting my limited brain power between my day job and my own company, I can put my full effort into BP Media.

I am so motivated and so excited and so ready to do this full time I can hardly stand it. I don't need to hear any more Ted talks on being an entrepreneur. My brain is packed with ideas from podcasts about startups. I've seen every webinar on social media on the internet. 

I am ready. I am prepared. I am connected. (And darnit, people like me.)

Since this big change began (about 54 hours ago) I have heard some incredible things from the people who love me the most. I know you all love lists (at least thats what the social media webinars tell me) so I have complied this for you:

The Top 5 things I Have Been Told Or Have Heard From My Friends And Family Who Are Living This With Me.

5. "Decide what to be and go be it." - Justin Young. Justin was the 'J' in the short-lived but wildly popular Award-Winning sports talk juggernaut known as 'The BP&J Show'. He knows business. He knows me. He sent this to me in a text. It came at a moment when things were hanging in the balance and it was right on time, as usual.

4. "Integrity always wins." - Owen Dawson. I bumped into Owen this morning at a coffee place. It was something he said as he shook my hand and walked out the door. He said other nice things, but this stood out. It was like watching a movie scene. I think Sean Connery would play Owen in my adaptation.

3. "If we have to make a go of it, I guess we have to make a go of it." - my wife, Jannie. In between the fits of panic, my wife came close to saying what I wanted her to say. The rest of the time, its been what I have needed her to say. Stuff like, "Holy crap we are in serious trouble here." and "AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!". Very motivating.

2. "My wife is my rock. I am her kite." - Me. This is meant to be said in a loving, respectful way. Jannie is the rudder in our relationship. She points true north. She is frustratingly immovable in certain situations. Yet, she is exactly what I need in moments like these. I am the dreamer. I like to feel the wind. I want to fly. When I try to pull her off the ground, she stays put. She isn't wired to be a kite. She is wired to anchor my family and me. 

1. "I have no doubt you will be a success." - Lots of people. Let me tell you, I am surrounded by an incredible network of friends who are always straight with me. It's why I am so close to them. I know they will be honest with me no matter the circumstances. In this case, I hope they are not only honest, but correct.

Thank you for your support and prayers through this transition. Please reach out to my wife, if you know her, and let her know it's going to be okay. She doesn't believe me anymore. Something about listening to my schpiel for 20+ years, I guess. Maybe she needs a Ted talk.