The BP Emcee More Money Guarantee

When I was building my Products page, I was thinking about all the things I can do for your business from the 'content creation and management' side of my brain.

What I forgot to mention is that I am a pretty well-known emcee and I'm learning the ropes as an auctioneer.

My radio career has allowed me to emcee hundreds of events from Roseburg to Seattle and lots of places in between.

I can be your emcee or auctioneer for a fee, but (cue Ron Popeil) there's more!

I guarantee your event will be more successful than you had hoped or I do not get paid.

Did you see that?

I do not take any money from your coffers unless you make $1,000 more than your goal.

Here's my offer:

Before the event I will -

  • Use my skills to market your event (since it behooves me to have more people - and the right people - there)

  • Organize the agenda to maximize effectiveness

  • Work with your auctioneer to organize your live auction

  • Proofread all written content including programs, print advertising, invitations, tickets, signage and more

During the event I will - 

  • Start on time

  • End on time (or early)

  • Not drink alcohol during the event

  • Sell raffle tickets, 50/50 tickets or other ancillary fundraisers

  • Mention sponsors as often as you would like

  • Introduce all speakers according to your agenda

  • Introduce the auctioneer and read the description for each item

  • Keep the night light, effective and fun!

After the event I will:

  • Meet with you or your committee for a debrief

  • Plan for next year

All of this is guaranteed to generate at least $1,000 more than your goal or I do not get paid.

No matter what the final numbers are, your organization gets to keep all the publicity. Your guests get to keep the memories of a great night at your event and the knowledge they gained by attending. Also, all the people who heard about your event through our marketing efforts get to keep the additional awareness we created.

Good deal? No. That's a GREAT deal.

I'll be adding this little ditty to my 'Products' page soon. 

I am sure you are wondering what my rate is. Let me say, it's quite reasonable compared to what everyone else charges you to hold your event. Also, it's less than the $1,000 I guarantee. 

You can't risk bombing with a bad emcee. 

You need a pro. 

I am that pro. I guarantee it.

Contact me to find out more. The summer schedule is starting to fill up!