It Takes Time to Build a Dream

I had one of those lightning bolt moments of wisdom strike me this morning.

It actually was through a good friend of mine, who was also stopped in his tracks by the unexpected gem.

My close friend Steve is the Co-Director of a terrific organization called the Roseburg Dream Center. He was telling me about a brief, but significant, chance encounter with two women who were there yesterday morning, sorting through donated clothing.

Steve was giving some pastors a tour of the building, describing his vision for the Dream Center as he went. He was explaining all the things he can imagine in the unfinished, somewhat cluttered warehouse area when one of the women said "It takes time to build a dream."

Steve hadn't asked the woman what she thought, or even included her in the conversation, but there was something about the timing of what she said that resonated with him. 

More than that, there was such truth in her comment that it also resonated with me - and I wasn't even there.

"It takes time to build a dream."

What dream are you building? Have you started? Is it big enough that people would laugh at it? Did you start and get discouraged and give up? Did you let something small derail your dream? Did something big happen and kill the dream?

Whatever your answer is to any of those questions...listen to what that saying says.

Your dream takes time. We can't just snap our fingers and get our dream. Also, we cannot control the timeline. 

It has to be built. It has a foundation, walls and windows, a roof and a floor. There is a beginning, a middle and an end. Also, it might actually change as it grows.

You need a plan. You can't just throw lumber in a pile and start hammering nails into it expecting a house to emerge. You have to know where to place each piece - and the order in which to place it.

It's up to you. Most of the time, if you aren't working on your dream, no one else is either. You should do something every day to get closer to your dream.

What about you? Are you building your dream? If not, why not? If you are, how is it going? Are you attempting to tackle it alone?

I want to help you.

Yes, I knew this was going to be an ad for BP Media when I started writing it. However, before I apologize, you have to know that I honestly am looking for people who are building their dreams. 

I want to partner up with dreamers who can see what they want in the distance. When they look at the horizon, they see their goal. 

They are looking for other people who will dream with them and join them on the journey and help them along the long, bumpy, difficult path to making the dream come true. Help to iron out the potholes and navigate the detours.

I just might be one of those people for you.

Here's why: I am building a dream, too. I know how it feels and how precious it is. I know what it's like to not share the dream with others because they might not believe that you can do it. At the same time, I know that if they hear the vision and don't laugh, the thing might not be big enough.

I think it is important -maybe crucial - that you bring others along with you. The kind of people who want to be part of the journey. Not only for the experience of each step, but to be there celebrating with you when you reach your goal. I want to be there for that moment. 

Because when that magical moment unfolds before you, my dream will also be coming true.

Take the first step. Restart the process. Overcome the hurdle. Refuse to let it die. Build on it each day. Take people along the way. Rejoice in the wins, grind though the losses. Get started. Don't stop.

It will take time. 

You don't have to build it alone.