Wicked Awesome Individualism + Authentic Passion = Awesomenicity

I was minding my own business the other day, wandering around Facebook and a little video appeared on my News Feed. It was a two minute clip of two street performers in the New York subway unleashing a barrage of the most unique music I think I have ever heard.

I could not believe the beat, the rhythm, the pulse, the SOUND that was coming from this incredibly talented dude on a baritone saxophone. Not to mention his dance moves!

Before you shrug me off because of the instrument this guy plays, take a look and listen:

I began bingeing on the videos and records from these guys, who are called Too Many Zooz. I think I could drive cross country non-stop listening to them because no matter the time of day or my mental state, when I hit play on this, I go nuts.

Here's why.

I love authenticity.

There isn't enough of it in the world.

These guys (especially the saxophone player, Leo P.) simply bring their brand of music, their style and themselves to their performances. It helps that they are extremely talented, but there is something about the way they play and perform that sparks energy all around them.

I think we should call that awesomenicity.

And, it's catching. On Monday, when I shared this video (for the first time) it had about 5 million views. Tuesday, it was up to 17 million and this morning as I type this, it has been watched over 34 million times. I am listening to them right now on YouTube. (Autoplay!)

What does this band and my desire for honest, straight up talented entertainers have to do with marketing?

I'll tell you.

When you combine a great product with authentic passion, the world will beat down your door to get it. The product itself almost doesn't matter. The message behind the marketing is still the same: We have the best product and we sell it with passion!

The key becomes reaching the right audience. If you sell hamburgers, your audience is probably within a smaller radius of your location than if your product is, say, clothing that can be shipped around the world.

If your price point is $5, you are going to advertise in different places than if you sell something that costs $50,000. But the message is essentially going to be the same.

We are selling PASSION here!

I love meeting passionate people with great ideas and a plan. I love working through the details of that plan with people and determining the best ways to share their message.

Do you have passion you want to share with the world? Does that passion show in the way you market your products? It should.

If it doesn't yet, let's talk. I'll pick up the tab because I love what I do as much as the guy with the saxophone. Only he's a better dancer.

Brian Prawitz is the owner of BP Media Solutions. Brian spent 20 years in radio in Seattle, Missoula and Roseburg and 18 months in the Marketing Department at Seven Feathers Casino Resort in Canyonville. Now, he shares his experience with his clients and attempts to provide amazing service every day. Follow Brian @BPraw88, find him on Facebook, listen to the Be Positive Podcast and watch for his next podcast "ReManned" with @ZechariahNewman coming soon.