BP Media's Latest Biggest News

I took this picture months ago. Now I occupy the office next to it in The Loft.

It wasn't long after BP Media became my sole source of income that I began wishing that I might some day occupy one of the precious spaces in The Loft in downtown Roseburg.

Precious not only because there is limited space in The Loft, but also because two of the key people in my journey to self-employment reside there. The rest of the offices contain brilliant entrepreneurs I admire and whose success I hope to emulate.

So I am very excited to tell you that on December 1, BP Media will officially headquarter in The Loft.

Just writing that sentence gives me a sense of accomplishment, even though so much more is awaiting me and my (still) fledgling business.

To have the opportunity to fill the last vacant office in The Loft first required a certain level of success for my company.

Honestly, the story of BP Media is more of a story of faith and how awesome life is when you live for God.

Not that I get it right all the time, but if you know the whole story, God's touch in the success of BP Media is undeniable.

Something cool about my spot in The Loft is that the door to my office is the one next to the print at the top of this blog.

I took that picture June 15. About six weeks after launching BP Media full time.

When I took this picture, I was just trying to land my first clients to prove to myself (and my wife) that this was going to work.

It's working. Not only that, I have hired my sister-in-law to help me with the social media accounts I manage, my clients are seeing big results.

Additionally, I have been able to commit time to UCC Strong and other efforts to help the community recover from the events of October 1.

I couldn't have done that prior to May 5.

There are many people to thank for the early success of my company and there are many exciting things on the horizon.

I will be teaming with Zech Newman (@ZechariahNewman) to produce a new podcast soon. I am involved in some large scale projects and continue to develop relationships with amazing people in our community.

All from this view downtown:


Hopefully I can prove to be worthy of my flatmates in my new location and help the next person who makes the transition into the lofty aspirations, pressure and payoffs of entrepreneurism.

My new address: 950 SE Oak Avenue, Roseburg, Or 97470