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Brian made a name for himself in broadcasting before launching BP Media Solutions in 2015. 

With support from his entrepreneurial cohorts in The Loft in downtown Roseburg, Brian set out to do what he has always done: develop creative advertising solutions for clients. 

Before BP Media, Brian worked for one company that could afford to hire a marketing team. Now, he works on retainer for several businesses and non-profit organizations who could never afford to have a dedicated marketing person. 

Brian and his wife, Jannie, have three daughters. They enjoy theater, golf, camping, visiting the Oregon coast and volunteering. bp@gobpmedia.com




Social Media

Geneva joined the BP Media Solutions team October, 2015. Certified as a social media marketer, she handles the social media marketing and advertising for a number of our accounts. Geneva states, “I love working with the vast variety of clients we have. Every day, I get to think like a mechanic, fight for social welfare, help communities, and enjoy vacation destinations. Who else has a job like mine?”

When Geneva is not on the clock for BP Media Solutions, she is the director of Hearts for Nepal, an international non-profit that guides teams of doctors, educators, and contractors to Nepal to assist the most poverty stricken regions and to fight trafficking.

Geneva enjoys photography, playing the drums, road trips, cooking, gardening, and spending time with family.



Queen of Brilliance (and Non Profits)

Maureen has decades of experience in writing, editing, proofreading and project coordination across a delightful swath of sectors from newspapers to nonprofits. Insatiably curious and stubbornly persnickety, she loves research and wordsmithing and is happiest working quietly behind the scenes to help others achieve their goals of effective, error-free communications.

Maureen and her husband, Bill, recently relocated to Roseburg after 35 years in Medford. They have 2 grown children and are now learning the ropes of grandparenting. On foot, bikes or via camp trailer, they enjoy indulging all their senses in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.